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London Stansted Airport
Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours
EWA1337 Netherlands Joris Van Putten ATP Captain 379 798.41
EWA0121 Canada Robert Thibodeau ATP Captain 3128 7089.44
EWA1301 United Kingdom Matthew Edwards ATP Captain 343 788.53
EWA0447 United Kingdom Chad Donoghue ATP First Officer 234 459.23
EWA0111 United Kingdom Sean Naylor ATP First Officer 208 3349.36
EWA1574 Germany Rene Losensky ATP Captain 1019 2124.38
EWA1587 United States Brad Pederson ATP Captain 425 803.47
EWA1650 United Kingdom Mark Dawson ATP First Officer 150 448.41
EWA1705 Netherlands Frans Paul Class E First Officer 228 540.09
EWA1703 United Kingdom Joshua Molyneux Class D First Officer 268 696.30
EWA1708 United Kingdom Lewis Jon Class E First Officer 0 0.00
EWA1687 Portugal Tiago Fernadnes Class E Captain 3 6.26
EWA1707 India PARTH Pandeya Class E First Officer 0 0.00